Hydraulic systems are essential for the operation of heavy machinery and load handling equipment and high energy movements.

We have integrated to our metal/mechanical area the benefits of a world-class laboratory, which allows us to scientifically diagnose the operating status of pumps and hydraulic accessories, their adequacy and/or repair, to maintain accuracy of power, performance, flow and temperature, contrasted with specifications cataloged by manufacturers.


  • We have a test bench that allows us to test the functioning and operation of hydraulic pumps of all brands and dimensions.
  • We analyze the monitoring of the status and operation of the pump in the WEBTEC system, which is the heart of the test bench.
  • The system issues a printed or digital report, which includes the different parameters tested:
    • IPM Pressures (bar – psi – mpa)
    • OIL FLOW
  • The parameter metric obtained is recorded in the system – and its result – is contrasted or compared with the pump manufacturer’s catalog specifications.
  • The detected deviations allow establishing the diagnosis of the current operation of the pump v/s what must be recorded – according to the brand’s catalog – and the diagnostic report is obtained: regarding the pressures, temperature and oil flows of the pump. I attach a report as an example.
  • Additionally, the test bench has a hydraulic power plant, which allows testing and monitoring the status of:
    • cylinders,
    • Engines
    • valve block
    • valve box
    • and other hydraulic action components
  • The results of these tests are also recorded in the WEBTEC system and complement the diagnosis of the pump, this time with all its components.
  • The diagnostic service described allows establishing the technical basis to support the repair processes, whose coverage includes:
  • Repair of: pumps – motors – cylinders – valve boxes – and other components of hydraulic action, with their elements, parts and pieces of the equipment as a whole

El equipo humano de ARAUJO HRIDRAULICA– sumado a herramienta WEBTEC –  tiene vasta experiencia que nos permite prestar servicios de envergadura  mayor y,  cumplir adecuadamente exigencias complejas como de la industria naviera , en mar, dique o sus astilleros.

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